Wednesday, February 2, 2011

14/12/10 Barcelona: Day 3

      I was moving a little slower on Tuesday after our late night out.  I had plans to go to the Picasso museum then just walk down by the water.  These plans did not need any immediacy so I took my time waking up and getting down to breakfast.  Sean was already gone for the day and again I sat down in the hotel eating my breakfast alone.  I studied the map once again making sure not to get lost.  Barcelona is not that complicated of a city but for some reason I just keep getting turned around.
    I only made a few wrong turns then found the museum.  I'm not a huge huge fan of Picasso but it I took my time going through the museum.  It started with his really early work, things he did when he was still a young boy and in school.  Then you work your way through his life and career. I loved his later stuff when he seemed to really have fun with his art and my favorite was the collection of the ceramics he did.  The museum took me two and half hours to get through and at the end I was hungry and ready to get outside.
    Finding the Sea wasn't hard and I didn't need my map to find some water.  My first view of the sea was at Port Vell where they were busy setting up for the Barcelona World Race.  It's a sailboat race around the world, with boats having only a crew of two.  It starts on the 31st of December so we were just off by a few weeks. They were building a giant dome filled with exhibits and entertainment.  I think they take sailing a little more serious here.  Too bad we couldn't be there to see the start.   Port Vell was PACKED with sailboats. PACKED!  Once I hit the water I continued walking along the shore.  The weather was overcast and quite chilly.  I sat on the boardwalk and watched the surfers for a while.  It was so nice and relaxing to just stare into the waves and let everything sink in.

Surfers and a crazy looking hotel.
I wasn't the only one sitting and enjoying the relaxing day.

Cement seats on the beach to enjoy the view. 

A big fish.

The boardwalk running the length of the beach.  So many people out running and biking!

Pigeon pigeon green parrots.

Another port. Boats were crammed in there.

Sunset back at Port Vell.

Can you find Columbus?

Barcelona World Race boats and the giant dome being built in the back there.
Lovely, just lovely!
(Ok, I'm back to the computer and back to the blog.  It's been over a month since I began writing this post and I have obviously lost all train of thought.  Needless to say the last day in Barcelona was fabulous.  Sean did not have to work and I dragged him to Sagrada Familia and then for a walk down along the boardwalk.  What a gorgeous city and hopefully some day we will back to visit and check on the cathedral's progress.)

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  1. Beautiful,Thanks for letting us share in your experience . Love your Blogs ! Keep them coming.