Monday, February 7, 2011

7/2/11 Boring Monday

   Not much has been happening here.   The weather has been mild, a little dreary at times but not that bad overall.  Sean had a little lull with work so we've been filling our days with hot yoga, shopping for a new climbing gym and walks around town (more trips back to the art store).  I'm finally caught up with laundry even though I continue to curse our teeny tiny washing machine that takes all day to cycle and always seems to do a half-assed job of cleaning our clothes.  The drying rack has had a constant rotation of clothing going.  Exciting news...I know.  We finally got our new IKEA mattress and bed frame set up and it's been such an improvement from the teeny tiny mattress we had when we moved in.  I'm sleeping a bit better but still have a hard time falling asleep and continue to toss and turn throughout the night.  I thought for sure that with this nicer mattress and the increase of my exercise routine I'd be sleeping more soundly but not yet.  Along with the tossing and turning I am also having really vivid dreams.  The other night I had such a realistic dream about sailing on our little old Kestrel with my dad and we sailed through a patch of seaweed by the yacht club and the wooden rudder popped off.  Then next thing you know my dad is in the water and I'm just drifting to the dock cutting through all the weeds.  Gah I hated that darn patch of weeds in the mooring field. My dad didn't seem to mind treading water as it was a sunny day out and I made it to the dock slowly, steering with just the sails.  I should keep a dream journal.  I always say this but I think I'm going to start.
   The landlord told us that tomorrow some guy will be stopping by to pick up the old mattress, the kid sized "couches, and the rickety mini dresser to get them outta here!  Poor Sean has them piled up in his office which now looks like a cave.  I have successfully taken over the living room/kitchen with paints and tiny containers of pre-mixed paint. We are breaking in the cushions on the two armchairs nicely.  but really though, it's the ottoman that makes those chairs really comfy.  Yes, we're settling in.
    I seem to have become very protective of our little alley.  I don't know if the hooligans don't come around as much or if I've just gotten used to the noise but it doesn't seem to be as out of control as it was before.  We find a few empty nips of jack daniels now and then but no more piles of poop.  Thank goodness.  When I do hear a noise though you better believe I'm sticking my head out the window trying to see if someone is there or if the noise is just carrying from the street. Get out of my alley.  Apparently my personal space bubble extends far beyond our doors.  The other night I was not feeling sleepy so I decided to get some more laundry done.  Sean was away for the night doing some cases and I figured I'd get some work done.  As I was coming down the stairs I peeked out of the front door and noticed a guy urinating into the little drain.  My first thought was "oh that's nice that you're not pissing on our house and actually aiming for the drain" then I quickly shifted gears and thought "what the hell man, use a bathroom not MY alley!"  I turned the light on in the Sean's office which overlooks the alley and then jiggled the handle of the door as if I was going to open it and come out there and shoe him away.  He got pretty freaked and left in a hurry.  Ha! I scared him! I scared him with my threat of opening the door! I hope he peed on himself.  Just because it's dark back there doesn't mean no one is watching!  There was another incident during the weekend that got me annoyed too.  It was Saturday afternoon and I was in the living room doing some painting when I heard a lot of shouting out front.  So naturally I opened the curtains and watched as a parking cop gave hell to this guy who decided to park half way into the alley and block the side walk.  Boy was this guy angry, he did NOT want a ticket.  Which is understandable but dude, just go park on the road like everyone else does.  The guy drives away, the parking cop walks away.  About two minutes later the guy drives back and pulls into our alley far enough to get off the sidewalk but far in enough to the alley to block any space for people to get through.  Really dude? This is not a parking lot. I mean car park.  Why do you think it's ok to park here? Other people use this alley to pull their cars in.  People use to it walk to their flats.  The pizza delivery guy uses it for his delivery scooter.  All day I watched as people and real estate agents came to look at the several empty flats in our alley only to gesture "hell no, not if I have to shimmy against this disgusting, dirty wall."  I wanted to yell out the window "it's not always like this! It's not a bad place to live! Really!"   I was tempted to write a nasty note and leave it on the guy's windshield but I couldn't think of anything clever to write and I'm not sure why I got so annoyed.  It's not like I needed to pull my car up to my flat.  It's not like he left a pile of poop.  Don't mess with MY alley folks.  Don't even think about it.
    Aside from my alley lookout it's been quiet here.  Sean and I had been planning a trip to go snowboarding somewhere in the Alps and even hauled our snowboards, boots, helmets, everything back with us to London.  We ditched that idea pretty quickly when our neighbors planted an idea in our heads to go somewhere warm, with beaches and sun.  Somewhere like the Canary Islands.  Forget cold snow! Give me some sun and ocean!  Always a sucker for that water.  Sean and I always ask each other "if you had the option to have a view of mountains out your window or the ocean which would you choose?  The answer is always WATER.  This year is my golden birthday...I'll be 28 on the 28th so we're calling this my birthday trip.  I can not wait and it'll give us an even bigger reason to keep up with the smart eating and daily exercise.  We have the flights booked, the hotel booked and even a little rental car ready to go.  Sean keeps talking about nude beaches and I'm not sure if he's joking or not.  I can not wait!  Canary Islands!
    Well that's really all that's been happening.  We are both getting totally excited for my parents to visit and we'll need a trip to Ikea to buy a couple of bedding items for the guest bed.  I think we are in Ikea withdrawl.   Right now the dishwasher is going. First time.  I kept forgetting that it was there and finally decided to give it a try.  We don't even have enough dishes though to fill it so I feel a little guilty for running it.  Oh well. Hey maybe it'll give me more time to blog about our oh so exciting life here. Laundry! Dishwashers! Quiet alleys! Woo hoo!  Maybe the nude beach post will be a little more entertaining ;)

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