Tuesday, March 1, 2011

23/2/11 Mom and Dad visit London: Day 4

    Wow day four and we were beat.  It is clear that we have tried to see too much and go to too many places.  But how could you not?  They wanted to see it ALL!  Wednesday we slept in and the sound of rain outside kept us in our beds a little later than the previous days.  Once we did get up we headed over to the little cafe next to our flat and had another English breakfast.  So good! The heftiness and completeness of it really grows on you, even the runny eggs.  Back at the flat we planned our trip to Greenwich where we wanted to hit the Maritime Museum and of course the Prime Meridian.  It was a long trip there and I think we were on the subway for over an hour.  That was ok though. We were tired, digesting our big meal, and out of the rain in the train.  
    We took the train to the north side of the river where we got off and found the foot tunnel that goes under the river to the south side.  It was pretty cool.  It probably would've been neater if there were windows looking out like at an aquarium.  But again, we were out of the rain.
Here they are now going to the Southside. 

    We popped up in Greenwich in the middle of a construction site.  We were hoping to see the Cutty Sark but all we got was this:
I guess we should've known. The guidebook did
say the restorations were taking a painfully
long time.  But still....not even a mast poking through?

   We found our way to the Maritime Museum which was huge.  I really would like to come back on another day when we're not so exhausted and really take my time going through.  We were tired. I mean TIRED and I had no attention span at that point.  
There was a station set up in the museum
where all the kids could go and build paper
boats then put them on the yellow river.  It
was pretty neat. 
Dad in the museum.
Sean in the museum.  (by the exit)
Mom in the museum.  She found a nice bench. 
   After the museum we headed out back to the Prime Meridian and Royal Observatory.  It was a pretty steep walk up the hill and the moss covered pavement made it quite slippery.  Once at the top though you got a great view of the city and the river meandering through it.

Mom's foot fit in the "foot" measurement.
Dad agreeing. 

Big group of school kids there were on their way out. 

Me and Sean on the Prime.  East and West. 

Mom and Dad.  

Mom and Dad on the other end. 

The Royal Observatory.  If it had been nicer out
I have no doubt that this place would've been
packed.   At night time they shoot a green
laser out marking the Prime Meridian.  I think they
said it can stretch for up to 15 miles....

A view from the top on a rainy, hazy day.
That's the Maritime Museum down there. 

Moss on everything!
    We headed back home, hungry and ready for a long train back home.  Later that night we went out with the neighbors to the mall where we sat and had some yummy food.  Of course mom and I popped into a few stores but by that time we were just too tired, even to shop! Or at least I was.

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