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24/2/11 Mom and Dad visit London: Day 5

   Day 5 was Mom and Dad's final full day in London.  We had been watching the weather all week and saw that Thursday was going to be the sunniest and warmest so we waited till that day to go to Kew Gardens.  I'm glad we waited.  The weather was perfect.  We woke up and saw the sun shining into the mew and even noted that there were shadows.
   Of course we headed to Kew via the foot path along the Thames.  Mom "ooo'ed" and "ahhhh'ed" over all the little gardens next to people's houses and discussed with Dad how they could layout their backyard to recreate their own.
   We made it to Kew Gardens and were immediately overwhelmed just from looking at the map and of course we got lost within the first 15 minutes.  Kew.was.amazing.  It was such a beautiful day and the sun felt so good.  I took so many photos so instead of trying to explain the place I'll just give you a slide show:

There were some really neat sculptures when you
entered the park.  They were all in the shape of
certain seed pods made out of sticks woven

Mom and a pod.

Jut a nice little path.

The daffodils told us that spring was practically here. 

Mom and Dad with the map trying to figure
out where we were.  This was about 15 minutes
into the trip.
Mom knows the way.

Love the shapes these little paths made. 

Onward on a very mossy path.

Canadian geese in case you have never
seen one before.

More signs of spring.

Did you know that daffodils that are under
trees will bloom before daffodils that are not.
This is because of the little bit of heat
retained by the trees. 

One of the very gorgeous Victorian glass houses.  The
palms were in this one. 


In we go!

The shapes and textures were gorgeous. 

Bright green growth!


Loved the contrast here.

Little bits of color among all the greens.

A little detail of the structure.

A view from the walk around catwalk.  This is looking into
one of the wings off the main house. 

Mom and Dad in the treetops on the
high up catwalk. 

Looking down at an explosion of palms. 

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The spiral staircase that leads up to the
catwalk.  How pretty is that?

Nice and warm in the jungle.

The rose garden.  Not sure what is going
in the fresh soil there but I"m sure it'll be

Enjoying some pretzels and sunshine.  


More spring.

Next was to the desert. 

This reminded me of a firework.  

I wish I had a full photo of this.  It would
make a great watercolor. Guess I'll have to
go back and get one ;)

Soft greens.

I may paint this. Love love love the colors
and shapes. 

Sharp little bubbles. 

More cacti. 

This was really tiny.

There was a big orchid show in full swing.
I wasn't too impressed with it. I mean, it was gorgeous,
but you could tell that they just took pots of
orchids and stuck them in pretty arrangements around
the place.  I liked the rooms where they had
unique collections and had them growing right out
of the trees. 

Smelled like vanilla!

They had some awesome blingin' birds. 

Across the pond.  

Stopping for a much needed water break.  I was parched.
Mom shopped the gift shop while Dad ate his

A lot of spring. 

Hey there bumble bee. 

The treetop walk was pretty neat.  It was wobbley
and swayed in the wind.  The little kids
were having a blast up there. It gave you
a great view of some of the other glasshouses.

Heading across the grass to the next house. 

It's hard to tell here but these were enormous. 

Oh hello!

A jungle forest.  Where are the dinosaurs???

Love these colors. 

The prehistoric crank used to open the upper
windows in the house. 

Moss outside. 

The sun is setting. It's getting cold.  

Time to leave. 

Heading across the river to meet
Sean for a pint.

The sun setting but my camera was just
about dead. 

Later that evening I had to go my photo
class so Sean with my Mom and Dad to a
nearby pub.  As it turns out, that night
was also knitting group in the pub.
I met up with everyone after my class.
Dad and Sean enjoyed some drinks. Mom
(can you see her in the mirror) fit right in with
all the other ladies.  A good way to end an
amazing day and a busy but fun week
with my parents. 

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