Thursday, December 16, 2010

16/12/10 We have dial tone!

      Hello! Before I get into my long winded recap of our Barcelona trip I wanted to share the good news that we have a dial tone now!  Sean and I have both caught some kind of bug and I had plans to stay in bed all day sleeping it off.  Sean left early for a bunch of meetings downtown and I was left with a quiet house until 9:30 when someone was knocking on our door.  It took me a couple of minutes to wake up and make my way downstairs.  Oge was out in the alley with two BT guys discussing the phone situation.  They had good news! They could fix it!  I wasn't really up for standing around in the cold so I went back inside, left my door unlocked and sat on the couch with my book.  All morning long these BT guys came and went, testing wires, hooking up wires outside on their ladders, calling in another guy to help.  Even our landlord showed up!  The wiring situation really confused the BT engineers and luckily Fergal, the landlord was there to help.  It turns out our place was wired to the outside but the interior was not connected to anything.  So, the BT guy hooked up as much as he could and we now have a dial tone in the laundry room!  Early tomorrow morning the electrical engineer will be down to finish wiring up the house. Oge's flat had a little more completed wiring job so our flat was the tough one. How silly that someone wouldn't wire up these flats! But hooray!!!!!!!!! Internet! Phone! And it all came quicker than we thought! What a great early Christmas present!!!

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