Thursday, December 9, 2010

9/12/10 Winter Wonderland

          Well today was nothing too special.  I went to yoga and almost died and Sean worked.  The day seemed to fly by so quickly.  After dinner Sean suggested we go out and do some sightseeing but instead going to see Big Ben at night like we had planned we headed down to Hyde Park and got lost in the Winter Wonderland.  We thought it was just a little Christmas village set up for the kiddies but were quickly proven wrong as soon as we entered.  Every five feet there was a little stand selling mulled wine, beer, spiked coffees, and if you didn't want any of those you could just order a shot of whatever.  There was booze everywhere.  I mean everywhere. We bought ourselves some hot mulled wine, which is actually really good, and strolled through the park.
           A few weeks ago Sean and I visited Hyde Park and saw them setting up this huge affair.  We were impressed that they were hammering shingles onto these make shift pubs.  When I think of a fair I think of stands that can be pulled behind your van and rickety rides set up in an afternoon.  This was an actual village, constructed and overflowing with alcohol, candy, sausages, and all those good bad foods.  In one section there was all food and drink, then crafts, then the rides and amusements.  But, in between all the rides and amusements were more booze shacks.  Am I making it clear how much alcohol there was? We did a loop through and after two glasses each of mulled wine and a belgian waffle smothered in powdered sugar we headed home frozen and sleepy and a little closer to feeling that Christmas cheer.

The entrance to the Wonderland.

Some of the huts where you could grab some drinks.
They had high tables set up so you could stand and drink and hang out.

This booth sold wooden dragons. Obviously.

Aw a Christmas fairy.

The lighthouse thing was a slide.  It actually looked pretty fun.

A view down one of the little streets.  I think this was the craft section.

Balloons and the giant ferris wheel!

Sean, Santa,  mulled wine.

When I think of Christmas I think of pirates and sharks and haunted houses. 

This ride had a creepy feeling to it.

Sean in line for our second helping of mulled wine.
The cups got smaller at this end of the park.

Merry-go-round ferris wheel.

Sean in front of the giant talking tree.  The tree told jokes and welcomed you
to Hyde Park but it looked like it wanted to kill you. 

The ice rink. 

Really long pieces of candy.  So much candy there. Candy and booze. 

Sean buying my sweet tooth a waffle ;)


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  1. Looks like a lot of fun !!, but could get tricky between the cold weather and the need to warm up... hence many, hot mulled wine's :)