Wednesday, December 8, 2010


A view from our bedroom window. I think I was pretty much hanging out the window.  It's looking right deep into the alley.  To the left out of view is the entrance.

Sean in front of our place. 303D.  
Our telephone cables dying in the ground.

Sean hard at work in our kitchen/reception room/office. 
          It was a gloomy day in Chiswick today.  Sean woke up too sore to go to yoga and I found myself with a splitting headache.  He spent the day at his computer knocking off work and putting his new office to good use.  I sat back and started writing out postcards. Finally!  The charity next door was busy moving out so we watched the movers fill the alley with boxes and computer chairs.  I only ever saw three people at that place but they had at least a dozen rolly chairs out there. Where did they come from?
      Around 2pm the sun came out and our whole alley was lit up with the setting sun.  I grabbed my camera and went downstairs and dragged Sean away from his work.  We needed to get out and go for a walk.  With Sean's iPhone guiding us we zigzagged through the neighborhood and made our way to the riverside.  We had to walk fast though, it seems the sun sets instantly here.  I'm glad I had my camera but I wish we had left earlier.  I don't have much to write about the walk so here are some photos instead!

Just a house. I loved the light here and the contrasting planes of the building,
the silhouettes of the chimneys against the blue sky. 
Another house that caught my eye.  I didn't want to waste time stopping though.
The sun was setting and we needed to get to the water. 
Here is where we met up with the River and began our short walk.
I love the little battered row boats just out of reach from the edge.  
A little further down the path heading West.
Notice to the right the houses with their cute brick walls.  

Here is Sean standing by one of the pubs.
I think this one was something like "River Barge Pub".
Not a very attractive name.  You can see how
muddy the pathway is.  I suppose when the
River floods or during some really high tides the
water comes up and all the way to the houses.
The pub had a big steel door they shut to keep water out.
It was pretty slippery and now I understand why a lot
 of the little kids wear rain boots down here.  

Stone stairs, a dingy and a train.
A cautionary word outside one of the other pubs.
A good reminder to the drunks who can't swim.  

Sean in deep thought,  pondering at the shore of the mighty River Thames.
Questioning life and mysteries that swirl under the surface.
I think he was really just watching a boat or a duck.  
The houseboat Sean was watching.

They are missing half of their door.  You can see the water line against the black paint.
It would be neat to see the River that high. 

Waterfowl.  They drift quickly.
The current was quite strong.

A willow tree.

All packed up for the winter.  I wonder what sailing on this River is like?
The current seems pretty strong at times and there's a lot of bridge.
          Well there is a little peak into our short walk tonight.  It got dark and cold quickly.  We almost stopped at a pub for a beer but power walked home instead.  I checked the weather and I think it will be mostly sunny for the rest of the week.  I need to take my camera out to practice for Barcelona!



  1. Mary Poppins chimneys!!!
    Sean seems to ponder a lot.
    Loved the little door because of the high waters. That would be cool.
    Nice pictures.

  2. We love the pictures, especially the one of that really good looking Irish guy !!

  3. great photos. but we need an address for that little place!